Following are many of the words and phrases that you’ll see on the eyeQ menu of services. If you have questions about terminology, please do not hesitate to contact me


Ad Space

Design of a “Your Ad Here” or “Become a Sponsor” button that would be positioned in the sidebar or your blog or website.


About Me Widget

A photo, graphic, and/or text positioned in the blog sidebar that introduces and describes you to your readers.



Photo or illustration that is your profile image on Facebook, Etsy, Twitter and other social media.


Banner Ad

(See Online Advertisement)



Google’s no-cost host site for bloggers. 


Contact Me Form

A short form on your Contact page with fields for name, email address, subject, message and any other information you require. 


Design Installation

Manually installing in each visual element and content/text into Squarespace or Blogger to create a live website or blog.  



A striking newsletter or announcement email sent to your mailing list to create click throughs back to your website, blog and/or social media. 



Addition of a store or shop to your website or blog. This is only available to Squarespace users.


Etsy Banner

This is your store shingle. It's the horizontal shop banner that appears above your merchandise on Etsy. This may be a photograph, illustration or a combination. 


Facebook Timeline Cover

The horizontal image/graphic at the top of your Facebook page.



An online form designed with fields of your choosing. This is only available to Squarespace users.



A web page or slide show featuring images of your products or work. This is only available to Squarespace users.


High Resolution

Sharp, finely detailed images or graphics. The pixel dimensions are greater for a high resolution image. High resolution art, such as an EPS or Tiff file, is a must for all printed matter. Images, logos, graphics must be 300dpi in order to print without jaggies or fuzziness. 


Low Resolution

Jpeg, ping and gif files suitable for web and social media applications. 72dpi images are used for websites, blogging and social media.  


Newsletter Signup 

A form or box that allows website visitors to enter their email address in order to receive an eBlast or from you.


Online Advertisement

A paid ad placed on a website to gain an audience for your products/services. Often referred to as a “banner ad.”


Post Signature

A custom signature for signing off to your blog posts.


Press Pitch Email

A custom email directed to magazine editors to pitch a concept/company/artist/product. Simple and striking in design, it includes concise verbiage and several images and links to your website. (Client provided press release may be attached.)


Promotional Items

Shopping bags, t-shirts, buttons, giveaways, etc. 


Share This Button

Small buttons allowing your readers to share your article or blog post via Facebook, Twitter, etc.


Sidebar Element

A graphic, photo or text added to your blog sidebar.



A website- and blog-publishing host offering completely modular, customizable interface. Squarespace was designed specifically for artists, creatives, and bloggers and its visual capabilities are unparalleled. Squarespace is the most reliable hosting service available and offers 24/7 technical help. Traffic stats are included in the monthly price of $10 to $20 per month (less if you pay annually). Though I am Squarespace’s biggest cheerleader, I am not affiliated with the company and receive no remuneration for my clients’ use of the service. 


Twitter Page

The design of a custom background and header of your Twitter page. Typically it should be consistent in appearance with your blog or website branding. 



Design of a custom mark that you would add to photos appearing on your site.