First, fill out the order form on the Services page. I’ll respond with an email to confirm the services that you have selected. At that time, you may add to, delete or change your order. 

I’ll then interview you via email. I’ll ask that you provide design direction for me including how you envision your work/message/product and the image you would like to convey to your audience. I will also ask for your input on color palette, font preferences, and style. I would like to see examples of brands, websites, printed pieces that you like and dislike. 

Please refer to How It Works for more information on the entire process from order to completion.



By ordering eyeQ services, you are ordering design and layout only. My services do not incude printing, production, web hosting or 3rd party vendor software. You will be responsible for paying for printing of printed materials, website hosting, eBlast hosting, . 

For websites and blogs*, I require that you use Squarespace for your hosting services. For printed materials, we'll use 48hourprint.com, moo.com and others. For eBlasts, we will use Mailchimp. These are my own trusted vendors who I have used for years and value highly. To learn more about these vendors’  services and pricing, please see Resources

Note: I am not responsible for and cannot be held liable for any software changes by Squarespace, Blogger, Etsy, Facebook and others that may affect the way your website or online branding appears or functions.



I communicate primarily by email and text. When I’m deep in designwork on your project, we may need to talk via phone and I'll schedule an appointment time that is convenient for you.



All emails, text and phone calls are strictly confidential. 


Though my hours are odd, I keep a fairly regular schedule. I work on design Monday through Wednesday, most evenings and sporadically throughout the weekend. No holidays.


After you receive your initial proof from eyeQ, you are allowed up to 3 reasonable design revisions. After that, any revisions may result in additional fees. For websites, copywriting changes are not usually a problem, so you may continue to tweak your text until your site goes live. 

NOTE: Making a decision about your own brand is difficult. I understand. But sweeping design direction changes cannot be undertaken once your project is underway. 



eyeQ invoices and accepts payment via PayPal. After I have confirmed your order via email, a 50% deposit is required. Once your name has been added to the scheduling queue, your deposit is non-refundable. Your non-refundable balance is due in full prior to start of design work. By paying eyeQ, you agree to eyeQ Terms + Conditions. 



Please make your selections carefully as eyeQ does not issue refunds. My design services are my source of income and, like yours, my time is valuable. 

EXCEPTION: I reserve the right to cancel a project and refuse service if I feel we cannot work together. If this is the case, I will discuss this with you and issue a refund for any fees paid to eyeQ over and above the non-refundable 50% deposit.



All designs are the copyright and property of eyeQ and cannot be edited or altered. Please do not use my images or designs without my permission. 



Any unused concept, design or design element, is the copyright and property of eyeQ  and is mine to use freely for another client. 



If you require stock photographs or illustration to be used in your project, you will be responsible for purchasing it and abiding by its terms of usage.



eyeQ is not liable for any text, artwork, photography that you provide. Please obtain permissions to use all content and art before passing it along to me. 



To install your website and to upload your printed matter to your printer, I’ll need your Login and Passwords. These are held in strictest confidence.



An eyeQ logo and credit will be place at the bottom of your website and must remain in place as long as you use the design.



After work completion, I will display your website, blog or printed matter on the eyeQ Gallery and my social media sites. 



Once your 50% deposit is received via PayPal, you are added to the eyeQ queue and will be taken in order. I will provide you with a general date for design work to begin and will keep you up-to-date on the wait time. Depending upon the scope of the project, design work requires 10 days to 1 month or more. All wait times and scheduling are estimates.

For website design, coding and installation requires an additional 1-2 weeks after approval of the design. To prepare final files for print, requires 1-3 days. 

NOTE: Revisions and lack of communication slow the entire process. You and I both agree to stay on top of emails and follow-up in order to streamline the process.



I am happy to make minor tweaks to your website during the first week it goes live. Any further revisions will be subject to additional fees.



I will gladly store your files on my ftp site for a limited time:

     Website: 6 months

     Blog: 1 month

     Printed matter: 6 months

During that time, you are encouraged to download the files and archive them.  



I have the privilege of working with the most amazing clients and it is truly a pleasure. But there are times when a project doesn’t fit my style or skill set. Should that be the case, I will suggest other designers that may better suit your needs.

There are very rare cases in which a working relationship just does not work. I reserve the right to terminate any project that is no longer amicable and becomes unprofitable.